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It seems like we’ve been reporting on quite a few delistings lately. Just this week, a ton of DSiWare games were removed from the 3DS eShop, and Netflix announced that it will be discontinuing support for the WiiU and 3DS.

Now, yet another title has suddenly vanished from Nintendo’s digital storefronts: the Grand Theft Auto-esque Lego City Undercover for the Wi iU and 3DS. The product pages for the games on Nintendo’s site now link to a support page that simply states the games are no longer available, with no reasons being given as to their removal.

It’s probably safe to assume that the Wii U version was delisted due to an upgraded version of the game being available on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms, though it’s worth noting that the 3DS version was a unique prequel.

This many delistings happening so close together is most likely coincidental, though considering the age of the 3DS and the low install base of the WiiU, it may be time to start making some decisions on your eShop wishlists on those platforms. In any case, it’s absolutely time to make sure you have your favorite digital 3DS and Wii U games safely downloaded onto your consoles.

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Written by Marcus Ramirez

A writer and dreamer who loves all things tropical, bright, colorful, and shiny. Marcus is obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and patiently awaits its triumphant return to Nintendo hardware. He has a (totally real) court order that requires him to always have a 3DS or Switch on his person when leaving the house for more than a few hours.