N returns in the latest episode of Pokémon Generations

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News

Pokémon Generations is continuing its run of Unova-themed stories. After last week’s episode showed Team Plasma let loose a freezing wave, this week’s features their retribution – the return of former king N. Give it a watch: This marks the 15th episode of 18 overall, so we’ll likely see a…

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Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment trailer drops at The Game Awards

Categories: 3DS, News, Wii U

A brand-new trailer for the upcoming Shovel Knight DLC Specter of Torment was shown off at The Game Awards 2016, highlighting new gameplay of antagonist-turned-protagonist Specter Knight. The video features Specter Knight running through a variety of levels, navigating by sideways jumping while taking advantage of new mechanics like rail-riding….

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Badge Arcade News: 12/1/16

Categories: 3DS

Hold on to your hats because it’s Mario celebration week in the Badge Arcade! The event kicks off with brand new badges in the New Super Mario Bros. series – finally rounding out the Super Mario Maker collection with all four generations. Joining in the festivities are a slew of…

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