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Pokémon plushies are always cute, but there’s something about the latest addition to the Pokémon Dolls line that I can’t help but find extra adorable. Maybe it’s their bright colors, the fact that they all have closed eyes, or simply because they look extra soft and fluffy; but the Pokémon Center of Japan’s new Galarian Fossil line of Pokémon Dolls are about as cute as any Pikachu plushie I’ve ever seen.



These newest Galarian plushies are based on the reanimated Fossil Pokémon quartet of Dracozolt, Dracovish, Arctozolt, and Arctovish from Pokémon Sword and Shield. Thankfully, you won’t have to go searching all over the region for dried up Pokémon bones to get your hands on these chimera plushies: All four stuffed monsters will be available exclusively through the Pokémon Center in Japan beginning on April 29th, with online pre-orders opening two days earlier on April 27th

Until then, I think I’ll keep Dracozolt plush as my background. Look at his lil scrunched up face!


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Written by Marcus Ramirez

A writer and dreamer who loves all things tropical, bright, colorful, and shiny. Marcus is obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and patiently awaits its triumphant return to Nintendo hardware. He has a (totally real) court order that requires him to always have a 3DS or Switch on his person when leaving the house for more than a few hours.