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Review: Guacemelee! 2 for Switch

Categories: Reviews, Switch

When it comes to any sequel, there is the inevitable question of just how much should be changed or kept from the original title. Change too much, and you run the risk of losing what made the original so great; change too little, and you’ll make the player wonder why…

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Live Action Mii Fighter/amiibo Trailer Comparison

Author: TJ Cencula
Categories: Videos

Nintendo revealed Mii Fighters in Smash Bros. along with the introduction of amiibo in the same epic trailer, featuring the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and NoA President Reggie Fils-Aimé in a live action fight sequence, intercut with Smash Bros. 4 gameplay footage. This trailer inspired Mii — ahem, sorry…

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Could Bayonetta grace the Game Awards again in 2018?

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Switch

Last year’s Game Awards was full of Nintendo love. Breath of the Wild got to reveal its final bit of DLC ahead of its Game of the Year win, and Super Mario Odyssey was well represented thanks to a live performance of its signature song. The real winner though was…

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