First 4 Figures Silver the Hedgehog announced

Author: Logan Plant
Categories: Merchandise, News

It’s no use pretending you don’t love this brand new Silver the Hedgehog statue from First 4 Figures. The new pose of everyone’s favorite time traveling hedgehog features Silver using his psychokinetic powers to bend metal bars to create a way forward, as seen countless times in the legendary Sonic…

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All Breath of the Wild amiibo detailed

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News, News, Switch, Wii U

GameXplain has released a video showcasing all of the amiibo boxes, giving us our first view of what each amiibo will do in-game.     The Guardian The Guardian amiibo unlocks a score of rare weapons and items, including what is being dubbed as “anti-Guardian arrows.” Bokoblin The Bokoblin amiibo…

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Badge Arcade News: 2/21/17

Categories: 3DS

It’s national Zelda day today, and you know what that means – more Kirby badges of course! Nab some monochromatic baddies before they boogie back to Planet Popstar in a couple days. Remember, brand new Kirby badges float into the Badge Arcade this week, heavily inspired by Kirby’s Dream Land…

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