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Kirby just wouldn’t be Kirby without starry dreamscapes to travel through. That celestial connection is taking on a whole new light with a new line of plushes coming this winter based on 12 key constellations. Be ready for a bright (and adorable) future, because the Kirby Horoscope Collection is on the way!



Each one takes Kirby and models him after the common depictions of the western zodiac. Each one is appealing in their own way, though Gemini (fittingly) gets double the Kirby. No matter your sign or favorite, all will be available in November as hanging, mascot-style plushes for ¥1,760, or about $13. A round cushion featuring the entire dozen will also be available for ¥4,400 — about $33. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

When he isn’t writing for Nintendo Wire, Ricky’s anticipating the next Kirby, Fire Emblem, or if the stars ever align, Mother 3 to be released. Till then he’ll have the warm comfort of Super Smash Bros. to keep him going.