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It feels like every couple of months we hear about some long-forgotten game having its hood peeled off to reveal untold secrets, and every time it’s just the coolest thing imaginable. Such is the case with Super Punch-Out!!, originally released in 1994, which just had two huge secrets revealed by Twitter user @new_cheat_news



While sound test and Japanese name input codes were already known, Unlisted Cheats discovered that holding Y+R on P2’s controller and then pressing Start or A brings for P1’s controller up a match select where you can fight any opponent in a free single match. What’s more, if you hold B+Y here (again on P2) and press Start or A (again on P1) then the opponent during the match will be player-controlled by P2! This means 1v1 fights in the game are now possible, though given that the game wasn’t designed for it, it’s hard to believe it’s balanced.

Still, a discovery this big is huge, and essentially opens up a whole new mode of play for folks. It’s always awesome to see people go back and find easter eggs this monumental, and we hope that people keep digging this stuff up, because it’s just amazing. Video games are treasures with never ending discoveries. 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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