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All good things come in threes. You’ll know this if you picked up Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which features three of Mario’s greatest ever games (though the inclusion of Super Mario Galaxy 2 wouldn’t hurt), but it also applies to one of the plumber’s most flashiest moves in Super Mario 64.

The Triple Jump may be the most fun move to perform within Mario’s moveset, and it’s a great way to make Mario to leap great heights. Here are a few tips to help you perfect your Triple Jump in Super Mario 64.


How to perform the Triple Jump



To pull off a Triple Jump, you must make Mario run and, while gathering momentum, jump three times in a row. You have to time it just right by hitting the A or B button just as Mario lands from each jump. You’ll know if you did it correctly, as Mario will front-flip and yell either “Yahoo!”, “Yippee!”, or  “Wa-hah!” upon the third consecutive jump.

If you don’t move immediately after performing a successful Triple Jump, Mario will also cheer and strike a pose!


What is the Triple Jump for?


There are few instances when the Triple Jump is required to progress in Super Mario 64, but it is an easy way to reach high platforms. You can also utilize Mario’s other moves at the apex of the third jump, diving forwards or using the Ground Pound. With the Wing Cap, Mario can also take flight upon the third jump.


What is the special version of the Triple Jump?


Once you have collected all 120 Power Stars, you will unlock the cannon in Peach’s Castle’s courtyard. You can use this to launch Mario to the roof of the castle, where you can speak to Yoshi.

After conversing with Mario’s dino buddy, Mario will be gifted with a special version of the Triple Jump. Mario will become invincible during his third jump, no longer taking damage from severe falls or enemy attacks!


Triple Jump appearances in other Mario games


This is yet another move you can use across all three games in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection! The Triple Jump has become another staple in Mario’s moveset since Super Mario 64, and has even appeared in some of Mario’s 2D adventures, such as New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Mario Maker.


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