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Flying through outer space means you’re likely going to find Stars, and that’s extra true for Mario’s own interstellar adventure! Super Mario Galaxy is where these celestial collectibles make the most sense, and there’s quite a few to spin and launch your way to. Read on to learn just how many Power Stars you can find in this Wii 3D All-Star. 


How many Power Stars are in Super Mario Galaxy?



Across all the Comet Observatory’s domes and beyond, Mario will be able to collect 121 Power Stars in Super Mario Galaxy. Unlike Super Mario 64, though, Mario Galaxy has different types of Stars to find. Most will be the familiar yellow Stars, usually rewarded for clearing stages in each Galaxy. Though there are other types, they all count as Power Stars and thus fall into that 121 total.


How many Power Stars do I need to beat Super Mario Galaxy?


Though you can collect up to 120 Power Stars before the final fight against Bowser, there’s no need to go that far if you don’t want to. You can beat Super Mario Galaxy with 60 Power Stars.


Grand Stars


Along with those Stars are seven Grand Stars, which (aside from the first one) are rewards for defeating bosses Bowser and Bowser Jr.. By beating King Koopa and his kid you’ll get these extra large Stars that power the Comet Observatory Beacon and unlock new Domes. Grand Stars (and the other varieties below) are not counted separately from other Power Stars. 


Green Stars



You’ll also eventually be able to find three Green Stars and Green Lumas. They can be found by clearing specific missions in Battlerock Galaxy, Buoy Base Galaxy, and Dusty Dune Galaxy. 

While they’ll increase your full Star total, Green Stars have another purpose. By collecting all three, you’ll unlock the Trial Galaxies. These three extra hard stages reached by Green Launch Stars on the Planet of Trials are the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy, the Bubble Blast Galaxy, and the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy. All of these are harder versions of other, similar Galaxies and are based on motion controls


Red Power Star


There’s another color of Star to find in Galaxy, and it’s even more unique than the Green Stars. After collecting your sixth Grand Star you’ll be able to enter the Gate at the Comet Observatory. Passing through will return you to the game’s starting area, the Gateway Galaxy

There you’ll be able to complete a special mission, Gateway’s Purple Coins, where you’ll need to collect 100 Purple Coins using a unique power-up. Collecting a Red Star (not to be confused with a Red Power Star) will turn you into Flying Mario. By using this power, you can gather up the Purple Coins and will be rewarded with the game’s one and only Red Power Star.

Collecting this has the added benefit of placing a Red Star at the Comet Observatory. Now whenever you’re in Rosalina’s hub, you can become Flying Mario!


What do I get for collecting every Power Star in Super Mario Galaxy?


If you’ve put in the work and manage to collect 120 Power Stars and then defeat Bowser, you’ll unlock something extra special – the ability to play as Luigi! Super Luigi Galaxy mode brings Mario’s taller brother into the spotlight, with his altered physics and other differences to the experience. 

If you go even further and collect 120 Power Stars with Luigi, you’ll unlock a special stage called the Grand Finale, or Grand Finale Galaxy. You can reach it from the Planet of Trials, where the Trial Galaxies are found. A fourth Green Luma will appear once you’ve collected both Mario and Luigi’s 120 Power Stars. It will become a launch star to send you to the Grand Finale!

This special mission, called The Star Festival, tasks with with collecting 100 Purple Coins in the Castle Gardens – game’s very first area. Now though it’s full of familiar faces from throughout Super Mario Galaxy, making it extra lively! Once you complete this task, you’ll receive the final and 121st Power Star. Talking to the Mailtoad will also gift you a special image, with Mario and Luigi each getting their own. 

When you take into account playing as both Mario and Luigi and the final Star in the Grand Finale Galaxy, you could also say Super Mario Galaxy has 242 Power Stars total. That said the missions and objectives are identical for the Bros., so the number of challenges that reward Stars is still 121.


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