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Mario’s always been known for his power-ups, and in Super Mario 64 they took the form of caps. Putting on a new hat will allow Mario to fly through the sky, turn invisible, or become metallic depending which one you find. They won’t be available immediately though, and need to be found and unlocked in secret courses within Peach’s Castle. Read on to learn where to find the Wing Cap in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version of Mario 64!


How to unlock the Wing Cap



Easily the most iconic power-up from 64, the Wing Cap allows Mario to fly after performing a Triple Jump. Flight works by tilting the stick in such a way that you build speed by diving forward, and then increase altitude by pulling back. It’ll also allow him to slow his descent in the air by holding the A button. This power-up will last 60 seconds.

In order to unlock the Wing Cap in Super Mario 64, you’ll first need to gather 10 Power Stars. Once you do, head to the first floor of Peach’s Castle, stand on the rug in the center, and move the camera so Mario is looking into the sunlight pouring in. This will transport you to the Tower of the Wing Cap stage. 

You can earn a Star here by gathering all eight Red Coins, but the real goal is to hit the Red ! Switch. By flying to the central tower and activating it, all the Red ! Blocks in various courses will be activated, such as in Bob-omb Battlefield. Now Mario can grab a Wing Cap by hitting any of these and take to the skies!

Courses where the Wing Cap can be found:


  • Bob-omb Battlefield
  • Lethal Lava Land
  • Shifting Sand Land


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