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The main goal of Super Mario Sunshine may be to gather up Shine Sprites, but they’re not the only collectible you’ll be grabbing. Dotted around Isle Delfino are hundreds of Blue Coins out to encourage a little exploration and prompt you to save your game. 

Read on to learn exactly how many Blue Coins are in Super Mario Sunshine and what you can do with your cache once you’ve built up your azure affluence.


How many Blue Coins are in Super Mario Sunshine?



Across Isle Delfino, you’ll be able to find 240 Blue Coins total. That’s a lot to keep track of, but thankfully they’re (mostly) evenly distributed. Each area (Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, etc.) will have 30 Blue Coins to collect

There are two exceptions to this. There are 10 Blue Coins in Corona Mountain, the game’s final area. You’ll also find 20 Blue Coins in Delfino Plaza. One note specific to the hub is that only 19 of its 20 Blue Coins are in the Plaza itself. The last can be found at Super Mario Sunshine’s starting location, Delfino Airstrip


What do I do with Blue Coins?


Though there are more of them in the game, Blue Coins exist to get more Shines. By taking 10 Blue Coins to the Delfino Plaza Boathouse, you can use them to buy one Shine Sprite. By collecting all the Blue Coins in the game and trading them with the raccoon in the Boathouse, you can purchase 24 Shine Sprites. 

As a brief aside, if you’re trying to collect 100 coins to earn a Shine Sprite in a stage, Blue Coins do not count. They’ll still give Mario health in a pinch, though. 


Hints for collecting Blue Coins


Some Blue Coins will be found out in the open, ranging from impossible to miss to tucked away and hidden. The trickier ones require you to spray water on specific spots. Others will require that you defeat enemies. It’s also worth noting that some Blue Coins can only be found in specific missions, such as any inside the Hotel Delfino or when it’s nighttime in Pianta Village.

One of the most common Blue Coin spots though is hidden in graffiti. By spraying M shaped graffiti found throughout the game you can be rewarded with Blue Coins. Other times they’ll be in pairs of matching shapes, requiring you to clean one and then rush to the other in a limited time to collect your prize. 

Also, if you ever spot someone covered in icky, paint-like goop be sure to clean them off! Often times goop covered characters will reward you for the shower, which can be Blue Coins. In Delfino Plaza you might even spot someone on fire that can be helped the same way. 

Something else to keep an eye out for are Blue Parrots. If you ever see one of these birds flying around, try and splash it with F.L.U.D.D.. This’ll turn it into a Blue Coin for your trouble! 

Last but not least, some Blue Coins will require you to make progress to Sunshine’s various unlockables. Setting aside getting access to the areas they’re in, some specific Blue Coins will require Yoshi, the Rocket Nozzle, or the Turbo Nozzle.


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