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Isle Delfino is looking a little dim, and it’s up to Mario to brighten things up! That’s where the Shine Sprites come in, scattered across the resort. Shadow Mario’s mischief has gotten Mario framed for the summer time gloom and now to clear his name and the skies he has to grab these golden goodies. Wondering how many Sprite Sprites you’ll need to collect in Super Mario Sunshine? Look no further.


How many Shine Sprites are in Super Mario Sunshine?



In Super Mario Sunshine, you can find 120 Shine Sprites total. The majority of these are rewards for clearing missions in each of the game’s areas. Every main location (Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, etc.) has 11 Shine Sprites to collect. Eight will be tied to specific missions, two will be rewards for more secret objectives (that vary from world to world), and one will be your prize for collecting 100 Coins. All together, those found in the game’s seven stages total 77 Shine Sprites.

The rest can be found in Delfino Plaza and Delfino Airstrip. Delfino Plaza has more Shines than any other area, with 40 all together. 24 of these are bought with Blue Coins at the Boathouse. Delfino Airstrip on the other hand only has two Shine Sprites. There is also an additional Shine Sprite awarded for collecting 100 Coins in Delfino Plaza.


How many Shine Sprites do I need to collect to beat Super Mario Sunshine?


If 100% completion isn’t your thing, worry not! Not every Shine Sprite is required to complete Super Mario Sunshine. In order to access the game’s final area, Corona Mountain, you only need to complete the first seven missions of each area. Those, along with the first Shine Get at Delfino Airstrip, means the minimum number to beat the game is 50 Shine Sprites.


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