First impressions of the Famicom Mini

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Merchandise, Retro

With some of you dear readers either getting your hands on an NES Classic Edition or scurrying to get one from a store or Amazon today, I managed to get my own hands on its overseas equivalent. I’m proud to present the Famicom Classic Mini! This little plug and play…

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Nintendo Wire’s favorite SNES RPGs

Categories: Retro

Few consoles boast a library of role-playing experiences as deep and vast as that of the Super Nintendo. Over its seven year lifespan, Nintendo’s second major home system became home to many of the most beloved RPGs of all time. Mostly Japanese-developed, these adventures range from the brilliant refinement of…

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Collectors Corner: Animal Crossing systems

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: 3DS, Merchandise, Retro

Hey everybody, welcome back to Collectors Corner! Every other week I’ll be bringing you a special article on the Nintendo consoles, merchandise, and collectibles that I love. Ever since I was a kid, Nintendo has held a special place in my heart, and has inspired me to collect and do…

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