Fan recreates Wolfenstein 3D on a Game Boy Color

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Retro

Wolfenstein 3D has had a robust 20+ year history being ported to consoles such as the Jaguar Atari, Game Boy Advance and even the iPhone. Now, the revolutionary first person shooter has made its way to an unlikely handheld, the Game Boy Color. Swedish programmer Anders Granlund has been rebuilding…

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Unreleased Game Boy Akira game surfaces

Categories: News, Retro

Anime and video games have always had somewhat of an interesting relationship, and one can only imagine that that was even more true back when the game industry was just a newborn in entertainment. Akira remains one of the most recognizable manga and anime series to date, so despite this…

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eShop Update: Week of 12/8/16 (North America)

Categories: 3DS, Retro, Wii U

This week in the Nintendo eShop: Harvey and friends make a trip to camp New Leaf, Firebrand takes a break from harassing naked knights, and Samus’ most controversial adventure gets an-Other shot in the limelight. It’s a dismal day in the sales department, though that’s to be expected after the…

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Demon’s Crest blazes onto New 3DS Virtual Consoles tomorrow

Categories: 3DS, Retro

Sharpen those lances and iron your boxer briefs: Firebrand swoops onto New 3DS Virtual Consoles tomorrow! Originally released on the SNES back in 1994, Demon’s Crest is a surprisingly deep Metroid-esque platformer with mild RPG elements that’s hard to top. Players follow the underworldly misadventures of Firebrand: a relentless red…

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