Four million SNES Classic systems sold worldwide, restocks on the way

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The nine month financial briefing that Nintendo hosted yesterday was full of unexpected news; a new mobile game based off of Mario Kart, the announcement of when Nintendo’s Online Service will begin for Nintendo Switch, and, finally, official confirmation of Nintendo’s partnership with Illumination Entertainment to make a Super Mario…

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Nintendo sponsors Genesis 5 Smash tournament

Categories: News, Retro, Wii U

The Smash scene continues to receive some support from the top, as for the third year in a row, Nintendo has become a sponsor of the Genesis series of Smash tournaments in Northern California, specifically this weekend’s Genesis 5. As usual, the exact details of this sponsorship are unknown, but…

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Nintendo Wiretap (1/17/18)

  Welcome to the Nintendo Wiretap! Each day the team here at Nintendo Wire works tirelessly to bring you the best, most relevant late-breaking Nintendo news this side of the Mushroom Kingdom. To help make ingesting all these meaty stories easier than Kirby hopped up on Miracle Fruit, we’ve compiled…

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1080° Snowboarding trademark renewed in Europe

Categories: News, Retro

1080° Snowboarding, a classic for the N64, is undergoing a revival (of the trademark kind) in Europe. The game is turning 20 years old next month, so you could argue that something might be planned for this anniversary. If you do a little research though, you’d find that the process…

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