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Masakazu Eguchi is a man intrinsically tied to the Mega Man Battle Network series, being the planner for the first game and writing the story for every game thereafter. While MMBN ended all the way back in 2005, the series has reentered the milieu with the recent Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. As part of a lengthy interview with 4Gamer (in an excerpt translated by Simon Griffin and SatsumaFS for Nintendo Everything). Eguchi touched upon the decision to end the series where they did, after six entries.

The team at the time discussed whether to finish 6 conclusively or with an open ended resolution that would allow for further stories. At the time, it was the end of the GBA’s life cycle as generations began to shift to the new DS. “…about the same length of time from entering elementary school to graduating had passed, so it felt like I should ‘graduate’ too,” said Eguchi. He remarks that beginning with the launch of the GBA and finishing with the transition to DS was “a very clean way to finish.”

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