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DOOM is the game notorious for running on anything, but how about good old fashioned lawyering drama on… the NES? Two Github users, Safyrus and Alas Diablo, are demaking the first Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney game to run on the Nintendo Entertainment System. 



The project is open-source, with the developers painstakingly adapting the original game’s sprites to the 8-bit format (look at that bright blue on Phoenix’s jacket). The results are quite striking for a game originally developed for the GBA in 2001, with lavishly faithful recreations of sprites and backgrounds (even if the bit crush is noticeable – what can you do?)

You can download the project on the GitHub page, with the developers specifically recommending Mesen for emulation (other emulators will work, but you have to change their mirroring from vertical to horizontal to 4-way with a tool like iNES header checker). 


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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