Arcade Archives: BurgerTime coming July 30th

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News, Retro, Switch

Summer cookout season is wrapping up, but the newest Arcade Archives release wants to remind it can always be time. BurgerTime that is, the classic title about stackin’ buns and running for your life from sentient eggs. You can step into chef Peter Pepper’s shoes on Nintendo Switch starting July…

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Kingdom Hearts has surprisingly deep Nintendo roots

Categories: Retro

Kingdom Hearts is an odd series, there’s no denying that. A seemingly impossible mix of Disney and Final Fantasy, birthed in part from Square Enix’s desire to create their own ‘Super Mario 64.’ It’s an Action-RPG where Mickey Mouse, the Warrior King of Disney Castle sets off on a quest…

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Ongoing Nintendo 64 leaks uncover even more Ocarina of Time beta content, as well as unused Majora’s Mask data

Categories: News, Retro

After yesterday’s massive blowout of never-before-seen prototype assets for various Nintendo 64 games, it’s hard to imagine we haven’t already seen everything that Ocarina of Time has to offer — and yet, more and more beta content is still being discovered. We previously reported on prototype dungeons, an early Stalfos…

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