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Badges have been one of the defining features of Mario RPGs, and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is no exception. If anything it’s the defining standard with its mix of support, attack, and other options. Nestled into that “other” category are a pair of badges that outright change the look of Nintendo’s most iconic overall wearer, but did you know there’s a fourth option? 

Yes, back in 2004 we were graced with the opportunity to make Mario look like the lankiest member of the Mushroom Kingdom cast. Though Waluigi doesn’t have a dedicated badge the means with which you can don the purple and black is as ingenious and tricky as the man himself.

How do I wear Waluigi’s clothes in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door? 

To take on Waluigi’s color scheme, you have to wear two badges at the same time: the L Emblem Badge and the W Emblem Badge. On their own these will have you dress like Luigi and Wario respectively, but combined they instead emulate Waluigi! Both Badges cost 0 BP, so feel free to slap ‘em on as you see fit regardless of your build.  

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Where is the L Emblem Badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

You won’t be able to acquire the Luigi-themed L Emblem Badge until TTYD’s Chapter 6: 3 Days of Excess. Play through normally and you’ll eventually reach a location known as the Poshley Sanctum. In the further back room, use your Spring Jump technique on the star tile on the floor. This will get you up to a pole you can climb along, with the badge resting on the side ledge of the room.

(Screenshot below from YouTube channel, Zeveria.)

Where is the W Emblem Badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

The W Emblem Badge will make Mario take on Wario’s attire, and fittingly enough it’s going to take some cash money to add to your collection. In Rogueport Plaza you’ll find a vendor by the name of Charlieton. He has a rotating lineup of goods at high prices, one of which is the game’s only W Emblem Badge. This will set you back 360 coins, but I’d say it’s worth it for both its function and especially if you’re aiming to have a full badge collection. 

Charlieton can stock the W Emblem at any point of the game once he’s selling his wares in Rogueport. If you’re eager to by, travel a few screens away from him to cause his lineup of goods to change. Keep repeating and checking and you’ll eventually find the badge available. 

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