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Character Column: Waluigi is a character defined by equal parts irony, sympathy and pity

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Welcome to the Character Column! Each week, I’ll be taking a look at a different character from Nintendo’s long and esteemed history, and I’ll analyze what makes them interesting, nuanced, or just plain memorable. Whether they’re heroes, villains or NPCs, I’ll explain why they deserve respect or love from the…

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Sonic Sunday: Tears of Joy

Author: Logan Plant
Categories: News, Retro, Switch, Wii U

Welcome back to Sonic Sunday! Sonic’s 25th birthday party took place on Friday, and there was a lot of good news that came out of the event. As promised, today I’ll be concentrating on the announcement of Project Sonic 2017, the next Sonic game from Sonic Team. This article will…

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Smash Seminar: The Melee Metagame

Categories: 3DS, News, Retro, Wii U

Welcome back to the Smash Seminar! In this series I’ll be introducing readers to the world of competitive Smash through articles on history, characters, players and more, in the hopes of getting more people involved in the competitive scene. Whether you wish to be a casual observer or a future…

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