Retro-bit announces a few new pieces of hardware

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: Merchandise, News, Retro

There are many companies around these days that are targeting the retro enthusiast crowd, and Retro-bit is one of the most prominent. With its variety of multi-purpose consoles and handhelds to replica accessories like controllers, adapters and even the N64 Expansion Pak, they have the growing audience covered. Now the…

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Collectors Corner: Figmas

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: Merchandise

Hey everybody, welcome back to Collectors Corner! Every other week I’ll be bringing you a special article on the Nintendo consoles, merchandise and collectibles that I love. Ever since I was a kid, Nintendo has held a special place in my heart, and has inspired me to collect and do…

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Bowser statue is coming from First 4 Figures

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Merchandise, News

First 4 Figures has announced via its official Facebook page that its very first Bowser statue is coming soon! One teaser image was shown showcasing the amazing detail on Bowser’s shell and skin, but sadly, no pricing or release date information is available yet. Check out the first image below!…

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