Rowlet appreciation, from one collector to another

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: 3DS, Merchandise

I’m notoriously particular when it comes to finding perfect pieces of merchandise (or any cute collectible for the matter). Even if it means searching for months or years, I’ll hold off buying anything that doesn’t meet certain personal criteria. From size, to facial expression, to shape and materials, every detail…

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Daily Deals: 9/27/16

Author: Jason Ganos

Pokémon Sun and Moon | Z-Ring Accessory Pokémon Sun & Moon Limited Edition New 3DS XL ($199.99 at Amazon) Pokémon Sun & Moon Limited Edition Vault Collection ($77.99 at Amazon) Z-Ring Accessory ($29.99 at Amazon) Z-Ring Crystal 9-Pack ($19.99 at Amazon) Pokemon Sun and Moon Steelbook Dual Pack ($89.99 at…

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Everything we know about Pokémon GO Plus

Categories: Merchandise, Mobile

With the highly anticipated Pokémon GO Plus launching today, many players of the game are plagued with questions about how the peripheral is going to work and what features it might have, thanks to contrasting points made by the developers and others on the internet. So, before you go out…

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