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Just as expected, the trio of starters for Pokémon Sword & Shield are receiving the plush treatment officially through the Pokémon Center. Sure, we’ve already got a pretty close look at the huge cushions San-Ei will be releasing in the near future, but it’s about time we see something coming directly from the pocket monster source!

Available in just two weeks, on September 14th, the Galar region’s very own Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble will be on store shelves. Get a glimpse of the cuteness:


Each plush will run at 1,650 yen (roughly $16 USD). While no exact dimensions are provided right now, it’s likely that the plush heights will fall towards the small to medium side of the spectrum when it comes to Poké plushes.

The North American Pokémon Center hasn’t released any info about the release of this trio for its online store yet, but you can bet that news about ’em will surface very soon. We’ll keep you posted, so stay wired in.


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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