Badge Arcade News: Week of 6/8/17

Categories: 3DS

The Badge Arcade is pulling out all the stops for their big E3 bash! Brand new Kirby: Canvas Curse and Animal Crossing badges headline the festivities, followed by a slew of repeat Rhythm Heaven, Zelda, Monster Hunter and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam sets. Who knows, maybe next Thursday we’ll…

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Clips of Super Nintendo World’s groundbreaking ceremony released

Categories: News

Last night’s official trailer for Super Nintendo World had us giddy. Universal Studios Japan is clearly thrilled too and the park’s official social media accounts are sharing segments from the groundbreaking ceremony that took place within the last 24 hours. The video’s first thirty seconds has Mario “running” through a…

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Chemical Plant Zone heading to Sonic Mania

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, Switch

Just under a month ago we reported on the remixed version of Sonic 3’s Flying Battery Zone in Sonic Mania. Now, another classic level is making a comeback – Chemical Plant Zone. Chemical Plant returns in Sonic Mania – here’s a sneak peek at Act 2. — Sonic the…

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