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Last month, we reported on the latest game from Bertil Hörberg, the creator of Gunman Clive and Mechstermination Force. At the time of the article, the project was still just a teaser GIF and a screenshot of some 3D models. Thanks to a new trailer straight from Bertil’s YouTube channel, we now have a name for this new project, as well as gameplay footage and a release date! 

Super Punch Patrol puts players in the role of Police Chief Anders Punch, a towering beacon of justice who’s fed up with the crime-ridden state of his city. The arcade-style beat-em-up features local two-player co-op and unlockable costumes, including a costume themed after Gunman Clive himself! Super Punch Patrol will launch on the Switch eShop on Thursday, September 17th. You can check out the full trailer below!



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Written by Marcus Ramirez

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