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Rhythm Paradise Megamix won’t release in Europe till October

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: 3DS, News

To close out the Treehouse Live stream yesterday Nintendo dropped one final bombshell: Rhythm Heaven Megamix was available in the Nintendo eShop right there and then. Fans in Europe who were staying up late to watch, however, quickly discovered that the surprise release didn’t come into effect across the Atlantic….

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We won’t be seeing Nintendo VR anytime soon

Categories: News, Switch

During this year’s E3, Bloomberg interviewed Nintendo of America COO Reggie Fils-Aime about the prospects of virtual reality gaming. While he didn’t come across as particularly hostile toward the budding technology, as he has in the past, he made it clear that it will be awhile before Nintendo will consider…

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Nintendo releases new Paper Mario: Color Splash details

Author: Bobby Soto
Categories: News, Wii U

The new entry into the Paper Mario series, Color Splash, was shown off during the Nintendo Treehouse event at E3 today. Let’s break down what we’ve learned about the game so far: Paper Mario Color Splash takes our beloved hero to Prism Island, where a mysterious force is draining all…

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Get ready to party with Mario & friends on your 3DS

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: 3DS, News

During today’s Nintendo Treehouse Livestream from E3, we got our very first look at a brand new Mario Party title heading to the 3DS. The Mario Party: Star Rush coverage today began with a look at the game’s main mode: Toad Scramble. This mode reinvents the Mario Party formula in…

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