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Dragon Quest VIII hits Japan this August

Author: Jason Grier
Categories: 3DS, News

Dragon Quest VIII will be releasing on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, over 10 years after it’s initial release in 2004 on the Playstation 2. The re-release of the game will include new content and features to make the release compelling for new and returning players. According to a translation…

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Unconfirmed: Target inventory for wave 4 leaked

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News

Supposed details regarding Wave 4 stock at Target locations surfaced online this morning via r/amiibo. Reddit user and Target Employee (redacted) was able to locate inventory numbers for Wave 4 amiibo, including Jigglypuff and Silver Mario. Thankfully, Jigglypuff and Silver Mario appear to be in good supply. (Redacted) writes: Good morning amiibos, I’m currently at work…

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