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Breath of the Wild had some heavy hitters – Hinoxes, Stone Taluses, and the various incarnations of Calamity Ganon that infested the Divine Beasts. But in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we’ll see even more monstrous foes of gargantuan size make an appearance, presumably as bosses. First is a massive three-headed fire dragon, who might be the game’s incarnation of Gleeok:



There’s also this snowy spider that gobbles Link right out of the air – TotK’s version of Gohma?



We also see a massive, Zonai-style figure peel itself out of a wall – no telling whether this is a boss, though it certainly seems to have the presence for it.



We also see some beefed up Lynels, complete with new markings and antlers. While presumably not capital B Bosses and just really strong overworld foes, they’re sure to be even tougher to take down than in the last game.



We can also presume that Ganondorf will be the final boss, though all the footage we see of him is from cutscenes, so we can’t say for sure. 



Tears of the Kingdom launches May 12th. Looking to secure your copy? Make sure to check out our guide where we list off a retailer list and details about pre-order bonuses!






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