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Get your Zonai tech ready for the upcoming release of Traveling Korok plushes from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Crafted by Sanei Boeki, the same company behind a plethora of other Nintendo-themed plushes, these adorable lost souls will be available in two variants – Traveling Korok A with a brown backpack and Traveling Korok B with a red backpack. Now, I know your first instinct will be to strap these fellas to a rocket and blast them into the stratosphere, but let’s show a little restraint this time, okay?


Please help me reach my friend… What’s that rocket for?


According to Sanei Boeki, both of these plushes are slated to make their debut in Japan in February 2024 at a price of ¥3,300 (or around $22 USD). While there’s no official word on a US release yet, rest assured that we’ll keep you posted as soon as import sites open up pre-orders. Stay tuned for updates!



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Written by Jason Ganos

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