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With the imminent release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, there’s only one question on our minds – when are the game’s new power-up forms gonna be turned into marketable plushies? Wonder (heh) no longer, because JP toy manufacturer Sanei Boeki (who makes a lot of Kirby and Pokémon plushes) is releasing an Elephant Mario plushie.



Standing at 26cm (about 10 inches) tall with a fine level of detail, the plush is going to go for ¥3,300 (about $22) and will release in January 2024. It’s explicitly a (S) sized plush, implying bigger ones might be on the way (a terrifying thought). No word on elephant plushes for other characters, or plushes of other new forms like Bubble or Drill. But those will presumably come at some point.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder releases tomorrow, October 20th.

Looking to secure a copy for yourself? Check out our Super Mario Bros. Wonder pre-order guide where we list off retailers you can order from, as well as all the known available bonuses!


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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