Nintendo Wiretap: E3 Edition (6/18/17)

  Welcome to the Nintendo Wiretap: E3 Edition! It’s been an exciting week for Nintendo fans the world over, complete with amiibo announcements, franchise revivals and plumber possessed T-Rexes. To help make ingesting all these meaty stories easier than Kirby hopped up on Miracle Fruit, we’ve compiled a handy list…

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New art released for Pokémon: I Choose You!

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: Merchandise, News

On July 15th, 2017 the next Pokémon movie will hit Japanese theaters. It marks the 20th movie to release in just 21 years, and The Pokémon Company is going all out with promotion. The most recent addition is this new piece of art, capturing Ash, Pikachu and Ho-Oh and bringing…

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Super Nintendo/Super Famicom-styled accessories for Nintendo Switch by 8BitDo

Author: Bobby Soto
Categories: Merchandise, News, Switch

Accessory developer 8BitDo is showcasing some new Nintendo Switch accessories! First up are the Super Nintendo Pro Controller and Super Famicom Pro Controller.   E3 1/3: Introducing the SNES30 Pro and SFC30 Pro. Compatible with Switch, Windows, Android, MacOS and Steam. — 8bitdo @ #E32017 (@8bitdo) June 13, 2017…

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Nintendo Wiretap (6/11/17)

Categories: 3DS, Merchandise, Mobile, News, Switch

Please understand: Today’s edition of the Nintendo Wiretap does not include the audio and visual version in lieu of E3 preparations for the Nintendo Wire team. The video, however, will return for the Wiretap later this week! In its place we have tonight’s live recording of a special edition dedicated…

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