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When it comes to high quality figures of beloved game characters, few can compare to First4Figures. The company has revealed another figure in its long line of finely sculpted collectibles, this time modeling the eponymous bear and bird from Banjo-Kazooie.

The statue shows the dynamic duo in flight, with arms, legs, and wings unfurled to soar through the air. The Jiggy base of the statue strikes a bright yellow, and the detailed texture of Banjo’s fur and Kazooie’s feathers is impressive indeed. 

In addition to this Regular edition, F4F is also selling an Exclusive version of the statue on its website, featuring a gold chrome-plated base as well as a separate gold music note and a gold Jiggy.

The statue runs for a whopping $429.99. You can order both the Regular and Exclusive versions on the F4F website.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

A writer and Nintendo fan based in Seattle, Washington. When not working for NinWire, she can be found eating pasta, writing stories, and wondering about when Mother 3 is finally going to get an official localization.