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UPDATE (6/27/18): Fans will be happy to know that the Sonic Forces vinyl soundtrack is now shipping worldwide. You can order it from the Wayô Records store for approximately $37. The official release takes place on June 29th.

During the 27th Birthday celebration Sega held for Sonic the Hedgehog a few days ago, the company announced that the soundtrack to Sonic Forces would be released on vinyl. Now, we have a few clearer shots of the cover art plus the full tracklist. You’ll also be able to swap out the inner sleeve image with a few different colored variants, which peek through the cut-out star on the front.

Side A

  • Fist Bump
  • Infinite
  • Fighting Onward – Space Port
  • Nowhere to Run – Prison Hall

Side B

  • Justice – Park Avenue
  • Moonlight Battlefield – Aqua Road
  • Virtual Enemies – Capital City
  • Set in Motion – Guardian Rock
  • Fist Bump – SXSW ver.

Side C

  • Sunset Heights
  • Ghost Town
  • Battle with Infinite – First Bout
  • Battle with Metal Sonic [US ver. Remix]
  • Eggman’s Facility [Rhythm and Balance Remix]
  • Battle with Mega Death Egg Robot – Final Phase

Side D

  • Fading World – Imperial Tower
  • The Light of Hope
  • This Is Our World
  • Fist Bump – Piano ver.

These “Vinyl Cutz” will launch in Japan on July 31st.

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Written by Tom Brown

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