Part of Nintendo Switch Online’s offerings is Game Trials, free trial versions of games that you can play for a limited time. Game Trials offer the ability to play the entirety of games during the period, provided you can put in the hours. Read on for more info about Game Trials, how they function, and what Game Trials are available now:


What Game Trials are upcoming or currently available?



There are no current Game Trials offered for NSO members in Japan.


North America

Star Wars: Republic Commando is offered as a free Game Trial to players in North America between April 20th, 2023 and April 26th, 2023.



There are no current Game Trials offered for NSO members in Europe.


What are Game Trials?


Game Trials are free and full versions of games that you can download for a limited time if you have Nintendo Switch Online. When the trial period ends (or your NSO subscription runs out) the Game Trial will no longer be playable. Unlike a demo, you can play the entirety of a Game Trial game during the allotted period.


How do I download Game Trials?


Assuming you have an NSO membership, click on the “Nintendo Switch Online” icon from your Switch’s home screen, go to the “Game Trial” tab, and click “Download” for any currently available Game Trial. 



Do you need to connect to the internet to play Game Trials?


After downloading, you’ll need to connect to the internet once after every restart of your Switch to initially access the Game Trial. Thereafter, you don’t need internet access to play until you restart again (unless the game itself has online features, of course).


Is there online crossplay between Game Trial players and those who own the full version?




Can you purchase/use DLC for the Game Trial?


Yes – though if you want to use it after the Trial period ends, you’ll need the full version.


Does save data from Game Trials carry over into full versions of the game?


Yes, save data from NSO Game Trials carry over to the full version of the game.


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