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In a departure from previous 2D Super Mario titles, Super Mario Bros. Wonder features a unique twist: all playable characters (with the exception of Yoshi and Nabbit, who are immune to damage) share identical abilities. Yes, it’s quite a surprise! But don’t fret: special abilities haven’t been entirely scrapped. Instead, Wonder introduces a novel mechanic known as Badges, which can modify the traits of each character. You’ll find a variety of Badges that can boost your jumping, enable gliding, or even provide a grappling hook-like function.

But there’s one Badge that truly stands out from the rest — the secret and final “Sound Off?” Badge. How can you unlock this enigmatic Badge, and what wonders does it bring? Read on to uncover the answers.


What is the “Sound Off?” Badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder


The “Sound Off?” Badge is arguably one of the quirkiest Badges the game features. Upon activation, it transforms all in-game sound effects into a unique acapella-style rendition, featuring a human actor beatboxing the effects. Unlike most other Badges, this one doesn’t introduce any additional gameplay alterations.


How do I unlock the “Sound Off?” Badge in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?



Earning the “Sound Off?” Badge is no walk in the park. To secure this unique Badge, you must journey through the game until you reach the elusive secret world levels. Upon reaching this point, you’ll encounter a daunting trial known as “The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon,” a challenge unlike any other you’ve faced in the game. It’s a true test of skill and perseverance, even for seasoned Mario players. But if you manage to conquer this final obstacle, the coveted “Sound Off?” Badge will be yours! Best of luck on your journey!


Parachute CapSlowly descend from great heights using your hat Pipe Rock Plateau - Poplin House
InvisibilityBecome invisible to everyoneSunbaked Desert - Special Stage
Wall Climb JumpPreform a jump using wallsWorld 1 - Challenge Course
Crouching High JumpCrouch and charge for a high jump. Just like in Mario 2!
Grappling VineUse vines like a grappling hook to stick to wallsWorld 4
Coin MagnetCoins will gravitate towards to player
Dolphin KickFaster Swimming underwater. Breaks blocksPetal Isles - Special Stage
Timed High JumpTime consecutive jumps just right to jump higher than usual.Sunbaked Desert - Poplin Shop
Floating High JumpJump higher than usual and floatFluff Puff Peaks - Bonus Level
Saftey BounceBounce off lava or other trapsFluff - Puff Peaks - Poplin Shop
SensorFind Items EasilyFungi Mines - Poplin Gift Near Bridge
Coin RewardEarn coins for defeating EnemiesDeep Magma Bog - Poplin Shop
Auto Super MushroomStart course with a Super MushroomPipe Rock Plateau - Win Wiggler Race
Jet RunNon Stop Dashing Fun
Fast DashDash a little faster than usual. You'll walk a little faster too.Sunbaked Desert - Poplin Shop
All Bubble PowerChange into Bubble form when you collect any power upPost Game - Poplin Shop
All Drill PowerChange into Drill form when you collect any power-upPost Game - Poplin Shop
All Elephant PowerChange into Elephant from when you collect any power-upPost Game - Poplin Shop
All Fire PowerChange into Fire Form with any power-upPost Game - Poplin Shop
Sound Off? BadgeAll sound effect are now a preformed by a humanPost Game - Clear All Special Worlds
Boosting Spin Jumpget an extra jump in mid-airWorld 5
Spring FeetPerpetually hop along Fluff Puff Peaks - Challenge Level
Rhythm JumpEarn Coins b Jumping in time with the beatSunbaked Desert - Bonus Stage
Add ! BlocksAdd ! Blocks to a CoursePetal Isles - Poplin Shop


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