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Super Mario Bros. Wonder has arrived! As with its predecessors in the 2D Mario Bros. series, Wonder is packed with hidden items and secret areas within each level. Some of these are more challenging to discover than others. The Stage Bull Rush Coming Through is another one of those difficult ones to figure out. But don’t fret — I’m here to guide you to the locations of both Wonder Seeds in this level if you’re stuck like I was!


Wonder Seed 1 – Bull Rush Coming Through!


Have the Bull smash the sparkling blocks!


Approximately midway through the course, you’ll encounter a distinctive arrangement of four blocks hovering above the ground. They are quite noticeable as they emit a sparkling effect. Upon spotting these blocks, proceed past them and grab the attention of the bull. Tease it a little and entice it to chase you in the direction of the shining block. When the bull charges into it, a Wonder Flower will emerge, which you can then collect. Collecting the Wonder Flower triggers a stampede of bulls that don’t look too happy! Hop on one of them and enjoy the ride, but be vigilant about dodging any enemies that may cross your path.


Near the end of your ride, the bulls will take you to a floating batch of clouds in the sky. Hop off and grab the Wonder Seed!


Wonder Seed 2 – Bull Rush Coming Through!


Once you get the first seed, simply finish the level. You will get Wonder Seed 2 for your troubles.


Wonder Seed 3 – Bull Rush Coming Through!


Start the level over and finish the course without activating the Wonder Flower. You will get the third Wonder Seed once completed!

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