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Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been in our hands for a while now, and though there weren’t any secret characters to unlock we did find a familiar face. Yes, Captain Toad has made his debut in a 2D Mario adventure, no doubt exploring the Flower Kingdom to the fullest. 

This guide will tell you where to find the fearless leader of the Toad Brigade in all his locations, so if you want to see everything Mario Wonder has for you do read on. There might even be some Flower Coins in it for you…


Where is Captain Toad in Super Mario Bros. Wonder


Captain Toad can exclusively be found on the world maps of Mario Wonder. You won’t run into him during stages, though you will have to clear some specific ones in order to access Captain Toad locations. 

Typically, you’ll need to find a hidden Warp Pipe to take you from one area to a completely different one, such as going from World 1 all the way to World 2. While that might sound similar to Warp Zones and shortcuts from past Mario games, Captain Toad’s locations are all isolated and won’t allow you to bypass stages. 

There are a total of five Captain Toad locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Three of them can be found in World 1 – Pipe-Rock Plateau while the other two are in World 4 – Sunbaked Desert. 


Captain Toad Warp Pipe 1


The earliest Captain Toad spot can be accessed by taking the secret exit from Piranha Plants on Parade. Bop along to the course’s Wonder effect, taking care not to bump into any harmonizing horticulture. Once you have the stage’s Wonder Seed, double back and keep an eye out from an angled pipe near the top of the screen. Jumping up there will lead you to a different pipe that’ll take you to the foreground and eventually the secret exit. 



Once you’re back on the World 1 map, you’ll unlock access to a stray Warp Pipe. Hop in and say hello to Captain Toad all the way on World 6 – Deep Magma Bog’s foreboding entrance on the Petal Isles!


Captain Toad Warp Pipe 2


While you’re still on World 1’s map, head to a northern section that looks a little more rocky and barren — it’ll be housing Roller Koopa Derby and a Parachute Cap Badge Challenge course. To access the area you’ll first need to pay a Poplin some Flower Coins to break down a rock blocking the way from the “main” path. 



Once you’re in this area, poke around the top-right corner near the Parachute Cap Badge Challenge. An A button prompt should appear, though the Warp Pipe will be obscured by some scenery. Hopping in will take you to Captain Toad’s majestic view of World 2 – Fluff-Puff Peaks.



Captain Toad Warp Pipe 3


The last of World 1’s Captain Toad secrets is down in the underground area of the Pipe-Rock Plateau map. Before you reach the World 1 Palace head south into a Warp Pipe that’ll take you to the purplish portion that’s home to Swamp Pipe Crawl and Angry Spikes and Sinkin’ Pipes. 



In the top right portion of this area you’ll be able to step behind some of the scenery for a hidden Warp Pipe – sound familiar? Hopping into this one will take you into a tight nook far off in World 6 – Deep Magma Bog. How Captain Toad manages to find these spots is a mystery to us, but who’s going to say no to his intrepid smile?



Captain Toad Warp Pipe 4


Once you’ve reached World 4 – Sunbaked Desert you’ll be able to resume the search for Captain Toad. This World map is a bit more involved than the others, with mirages and light puzzles dotting the area. One of these involves finding three switches in the sands. They’re fairly easy to spot if you’re wandering around the entire map, all of them to the right of the oasis. 



Triggering these will open a door that leads beneath the map’s Palace area. Step through and head to the right all the way past Rolling-Bal Hall to find yet another Warp Pipe behind the scenery. On the other end you’ll be back in World 3 – Shining Falls face to face with the Mushroom Kingdom’s vertically challenged champion. 



Captain Toad Warp Pipe 5


Here we are — your final rendezvous with Captain Toad! You’ll still find the entrance in the Sunbaked Desert, and you’ll once again need a Poplin’s hand to access it. Pay the mandrake to repair a bridge that will take you upward. Head left from Secrets of Shova Mansion and follow the path down and around until you’re behind a pillar with a ? Block. 



Hopping through this hidden Warp Pipe will take you to World 5 – Fungi Mines and your final one on one with Captain Toad. 



What do I get for finding Captain Toad in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?


Well, the satisfaction of spending time with Captain Toad, for one. 

Think of him as a fun easter egg to reward thorough exploration — a fitting skill for Captain Toad to praise! While there’s nothing all too fancy for finding him, each time you do you’ll be given 50 Flower Coins for a grand total of 250 if you meet up with him each time. Make sure you’re not maxed out on Flower Coins when you do, as any spare change will come in handy for completing your Standee collection!  


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