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Sonic 3D Blast developer announces a Director’s Cut version

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: News, Retro

While it’s definitely not the most fondly remembered Sonic game from the early ’90s, Sonic 3D Blast for the Genesis and Saturn saw Sega take the speedy hedgehog in an entirely different direction. Played from an isometric perspective and swapping fast movement for deliberate exploration, it definitely divides opinion to…

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Nintendo Wiretap (10/13/17)

Categories: 3DS, Merchandise, News, Retro, Switch

Please understand: Today’s edition of the Nintendo Wiretap does not include the video version in lieu of tonight’s Nintendo Newscast. The video will return for the Wiretap on Monday!     Welcome to the Nintendo Wiretap! Each day the team here at Nintendo Wire works tirelessly to bring you the…

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Smash Supremacy: Episode 45 – Pit vs. Bayonetta

Author: TJ Cencula
Categories: Videos, Wii U

Podcasting pillar of the gaming community, Sean Capri, pays a visit to settle in Smash the battle between angels and demons when Pit faces off against Bayonetta, with a possible appearance from a certain goddess of nature.     Join the battle with the Smash Supremacy Patreon!

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Pokkén Tournament DX patch on the horizon

Categories: News, Switch

According to, Pokkén Tournament DX will be getting some added support soon. While not live yet, Pokkén Tournament DX’s next patch will help bolster the online community in this fantastic fighter. As of right now, you can expect the following to be part of the game’s next update: The…

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Dress up as Mega Man or Proto Man for Halloween

Categories: Merchandise, News

Still looking for a Halloween costume? If you’re a huge Mega Man fan, then your childhood wishes of finding a ready-made costume of the Blue Bomber and Proto Man have finally come true. Yesterday, Capcom’s official Twitter account showed off these costumes that are only available at Proto Man…

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