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It’s been a long time since IGA asked us all to choose between sword or whip (and then gave us both anyway), but it looks like Bloodstained will have a future after all. After some murmurings, it’s been confirmed a sequel is in the early planning stages.



This likely means things like scenario, character designs, and overall strategy are being hashed out rather than any actual development. Which is good, because Ritual of the Night technically isn’t “complete” with respect to its promised post-launch content. Still, there is assurance that’s a focus of the team itself at present so anyone down for some more gothic exploration can rest easy.

Speaking personally, I’d hope this also leads to more Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon titles from Inti Creates as well. Those retrovania inspired platformers were both enjoyable and nostalgic, so I welcome any and all chances they could continue. Of course, those are assumptive and hopeful musings for now, as we await more potential Bloodstained news in general. 


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Written by Ricky Berg

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