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Fire Emblem Heroes continues to lay on its own unique plot elements, and even if you’re mostly here for the gameplay or familiar faces you’ve got to admit they’re upping the presentation. Its Book V story is about halfway through, and to mark the occasion a new video was shared. In it we see the stage set for a Niðavellir finale, bringing together the characters introduced so far and letting their true motivations show.

To go along with its second half, a Book V Midpoint Celebration will be held. This will provide players with bonuses, extra EXP and SP, and even a chance to earn a few five star copies of new hero Tatiana. She’s making her debut in the game after appearing in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. And speaking of that NES-to-3DS glow up…

The next focus is primarily themed to Valentia, bringing on three characters from its story. Two of them aren’t exactly “new” to heroes, those being variations on Palla and Zeke. Regardless of their familiarity, they’re carrying new skills and weapons. As for someone else brand new to the game, that’s where Luthier comes in and at a four star rarity as well.

Bringing things full circle is new Mythic Hero Nótt, introduced during Book V. The princess of Jötunheimr will be available on this upcoming focus, appearing at the more standard summoning rate as opposed to the boosted rate (but more limited summoning pool) that accompanies Mythic and Legendary additions.

Whether you’re drawn to her and her armored bird or want to add some more FE2 to your barracks, you can put your Orbs to the test beginning June 8th.

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