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New Mythical Pokémon Zeraora revealed via movie trailer

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: 3DS, News

The next Mythical Pokémon has been officially revealed in a trailer during Japanese variety show Oha Suta. Already found via Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon datamining, this Electric-type ‘mon called Zeraora is both quick and fast, with its own signature move. While these traits haven’t been observed in the trailer…

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What If | Persona 5: Crimson for Nintendo Switch

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: Switch

Given how popular the Nintendo Switch is, everyone has their own ideal game in mind for the system. In our latest video series we put together some mock-up trailers to imagine how they’d look in reality. First up is a game we’re sure many of you have wanted to play…

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Next Feh Channel broadcast set for April 9th

Categories: Mobile, News

Get ready, Summoners – yet another Feh Channel broadcast has been announced, bringing with it the promise of more piping hot Fire Emblem Heroes news.   4/10(火) 12:30からワタクシ、フェーが『ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ』の最新情報をお届けする「フェーちゃんねる 2018.4.10」を放送します。みなさん見てくださいね。18分ぐらいの長さです。#FEヒーローズ — ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ (@FE_Heroes_JP) April 7, 2018   The broadcast will go down on April 9th, at 8:30 PM…

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SNK 40th Anniversary Collection coming to Switch

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: News, Switch

During the SNK panel at PAX East today, a new 40th Anniversary Collection, featuring games from SNK’s long history, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Alpha Mission, Ikari Warriors, TNK III, and many others are included. A Limited Edition was also announced, which includes an art book and soundtrack. Each…

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Alter World now available for New Nintendo 3DS

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: 3DS, News

Often described as a game that’s inspired by Stephen King’s The Dark Tower book, Alter World brings a 2D platformer experience to New 3DS systems. Unique gameplay mechanics allow you to travel to an alternative universe anytime you want as you traverse every level. Levels are filled with interesting puzzles…

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