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Basically every 3D Mario game can be split into one of two categories — a wide open sandbox exploration title where you find Stars (and Star-like objects) throughout a level, like Super Mario Odyssey, and linear “mission-based” titles where each level has a pretty direct course for you to venture through, like Super Mario Galaxy. But that just begs the question: What happens when these two flavors collide? This is the driving question behind Super Mario Starshine, a project that recreates Super Mario Sunshine in Super Mario Galaxy 2’s engine, complete with the latter game’s mechanics.



That means venturing throughout Isle Delfino without FLUDD, though you’ll have Galaxy 2’s floatiness and spin maneuvering to help out, as well as that game’s version of Yoshi and power-ups. The demo has 20 shine sprites to find, which seems like a good number and a chance to show off what potential the idea has. You can download the demo below the tweet. 



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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