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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is promising an extremely unique sandbox experience, one where players can stretch their creative muscles to form many different objects and implements throughout Hyrule – but how do you let them know what they can work with and what they can’t? The developers of the game have spilled a couple secrets in the final part of the Ask the Developers interview on the game.

The developers intentionally designed a game wherein the actions of the players would be unpredictable – in a good way. “…the gameplay is designed so that players can freely create whatever comes to mind, just like an experiment,” said director Hidemaro Fujibayashi. “We’d rather our players surprise us by creating something we’ve never even thought of.”

They want a game where players do what they think they can do, rather than what the developer intends for them to do – because putting “intended” solutions makes the game become linear. The team details how it added specific touches to immovable objects like cloth covers or rope cordons to make it clear when an object couldn’t be interacted with. They hope it becomes intuitive over time what objects are simply part of the environment and which can be toyed with.




The team also revealed that fan videos of Breath of the Wild – and the insane stunts you can pull off in that game – helped inspire this game’s freedom of option. “The direction of giving players the freedom to do anything in this game came about precisely because of the reactions of people who played the last game,” said Producer Eiji Aonuma. 

Check out the full Part 5 of the Ask the Developers Interview for more info. Tears of the Kingdom releases tomorrow, May 12th. Make sure to check out our guide where we list off a retailer list and details about pre-order bonuses!





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