Game Freak’s Pokémon-themed New Years illustration available as a clear file at Japan’s Pokémon Centers 

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Every January, The Pokémon Company’s lead developer Game Freak releases a special illustration to commemorate the beginning of another calendar year. The latest collectible artwork in their lineup of yearly celebrations will be released as a clear file (size A4) for the public tomorrow Saturday, January 9th across Japan.  …

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Newest Mother Project merch is series of EarthBound hotel keyrings

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Merchandise, News, Retro

Thanks to its modern setting, EarthBound safe havens took the form of hotels. On its own that’s a fun little detail (and some pretty sweet music), but now Hobonichi is taking things a step further with their latest batch of Mother series goods.    【MOTHERファンのみなさまへ 1】いままさに発売に向けて準備しているグッズがあります。ちらっとお見せいたしますが『MOTHER2』に登場するホテルにもしも宿泊記念グッズがあったら…という設定でつくったホテルキーリングとステッカーのセットです。それで、お願いがあります(続→) — ほぼ日MOTHERプロジェクト (@hobonichimother) January…

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