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Two new Splatoon amiibo on their way?

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The Splatoon amiibo were the talk of the town for quite some time upon their release, but with only three to add to fans’ collections, it left amiibo collectors everywhere eager for more. Nobody really knew what other kind of amiibo they could make for Splatoon, aside from the Squid…

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What to expect from amiibo in 2016

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There’s no denying that 2015 was a huge year for Nintendo’s amiibo, and 2016 appears to be no different. According to Scott Moffitt, Nintendo executive vice president of sales and marketing, “New amiibo figures and functionality will keep surprising fans in 2016.” What Nintendo has up its sleeve, we’ll have…

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Twilight Princess HD's amiibo functionality leaked

Author: Tom Brown
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UPDATE (1/20): Thanks to a more thorough translation of the original Famitsu article, we now know some more specifics regarding Twilight Princess HD’s amiibo support. Firstly, whereas every other Zelda amiibo can only be tapped once per day, you can tap Ganondorf’s figure whenever you want to increase the challenge….

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