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Nintendo WireCast #4: State of Amiibo

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News, News, Switch

Welcome back to the Nintendo WireCast. On today’s episode, we talk about our experience with Ring Fit Adventure, retro collecting, and the state of amiibo! The topics are broken up into two videos below, or you can check out the podcast that brings both subjects together at once. Videos  …

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Female Robin amiibo – Custom Conquest

Author: TJ Cencula
Categories: Amiibo News, Videos

I finally did it. I’ve been meaning to customize a female Robin since the default version first released, but something held me back. What something, you ask? Don’t worry, half of the episode is dedicated to unpacking that mystery. Oh, and we also discuss how I actually made it… once…

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Gallery: September 2019 New amiibo Showcase

Author: Lauren Ganos
Categories: Amiibo News

The greatly anticipated launch day is finally here! Nintendo’s big releases — amiibo, Link’s Awakening for Switch, and the Switch Lite — are now available for purchase. Whether or not you’ve already received your pickups of choice this month, I’m sure you’ll be able to appreciate a little extra visual…

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