The End Is Nigh footage released

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Super Meat Boy fans, if you’re hyped for The End Is Nigh, then Nicalis has got your back. While it’s not direct screen footage, the company’s Twitter account shared a link to nearly six minutes of footage of the upcoming game.     The game comes out on July 12th…

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Star Fox 2 creators reminisce as the game finally gets a release date

Author: Tom Brown
Categories: Retro

There are plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes stories from Nintendo but few are quite as legendary as the what-could-have-been saga surrounding Star Fox 2. Essentially completed back in the mid ’90s, the follow-up was shelved after the Sega Saturn and PlayStation were unveiled, making the SNES’ 3D solution look somewhat antiquated…

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Review: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

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From Shovel Knight and Wonder Boy to the Blue Blur’s triumphant return to blast processing, Nintendo’s new portable console is quickly becoming the go-to place for gaming’s most hallowed mascots and fans of old school platforming. Not to be left in the dust, the pharaoh of this retro renaissance, WayForward,…

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