Unreleased Game Boy Akira game surfaces

Categories: News, Retro

Anime and video games have always had somewhat of an interesting relationship, and one can only imagine that that was even more true back when the game industry was just a newborn in entertainment. Akira remains one of the most recognizable manga and anime series to date, so despite this…

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Mii V Mii: Season 2 – Fight 34

Author: TJ Cencula
Categories: Videos, Wii U

Let’s Smash it up! Fight 34 of Season 2 is here. Watch the Golden Gunners, the Silver Swordsmen and the Bronze Brawlers duke it out in the latest battle. Check out the fight below! Help support Mii V Mii on the MiiTJ Patreon.

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Super Nintendo World concept art breakdown

Author: Lauren Musni
Categories: News, Videos

  Only minutes ago, Nintendo gave us one of its biggest reveals of 2016: the name of the very first Universal Studios park opening alongside a visually stunning sneak peek of several areas within the park grounds. So, what should we expect out of this real life premiere experience from…

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New Twitter account announces Kirby 25th anniversary celebration

Author: Jaxson Tapp
Categories: News

It seems like there’s some sort of special anniversary for some Nintendo IP every single year, and in 2017, everyone’s favorite pink puffball will get the spotlight. Kirby is celebrating 25 years next year, and a mysterious Japanese Twitter account focusing on the occasion has popped up. Make sure to…

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Badge Arcade News: 12/11/16

Categories: 3DS

Pikmin scurry to the Badge Arcade today, along with another refresh of Fire Emblem Fates and NES Remix pixel badges. I have to say, it’s nice to see the underappreciated Zelda II get some recognition for once! EVERYTHING NEW   Free play: No There was a problem getting your free…

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