New crafts and activities added to Play Nintendo

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We may be nearly through January already, but 2021 is still really young! To celebrate the dawn of another trip around the sun for our big ‘ol space marble, the official Play Nintendo site has shared some new activities and crafts to share with friends and family.      From…

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Newest Mother Project merch is series of EarthBound hotel keyrings

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Retro, Merchandise, News

Thanks to its modern setting, EarthBound safe havens took the form of hotels. On its own that’s a fun little detail (and some pretty sweet music), but now Hobonichi is taking things a step further with their latest batch of Mother series goods.    【MOTHERファンのみなさまへ 1】いままさに発売に向けて準備しているグッズがあります。ちらっとお見せいたしますが『MOTHER2』に登場するホテルにもしも宿泊記念グッズがあったら…という設定でつくったホテルキーリングとステッカーのセットです。それで、お願いがあります(続→) — ほぼ日MOTHERプロジェクト (@hobonichimother) January…

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