Happy 57th birthday to the late Satoru Iwata

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Features

Thinking back on Nintendo’s robust history, it’s hard not to immediately think of one of the many contributions Satoru Iwata gave to the company and fans alike. Even though he’s gone, all of us at Nintendo Wire want to take a moment to celebrate the amazing memories that Mr. Iwata…

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Mii V Mii: Season 2 – Fight 33

Author: TJ Cencula
Categories: Videos, Wii U

The time has arrived! Fight 33 of Season 2 is here. Watch the Golden Gunners, the Silver Swordsmen and the Bronze Brawlers duke it out in the latest battle. Check out the fight below! Help support Mii V Mii on the MiiTJ Patreon.

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Charmander plush coming to Build-A-Bear

Categories: Merchandise, News

Both Pikachu and Eevee have gotten the esteemed Build-A-Bear treatment over the past year, and it looks like Pokémon is going to be pushing out a third plush option before the year ends. That’s right, Charmander is coming to Build-A-Bear. While it’s upsetting that, once again, the remaining two Kanto…

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New trailer shows off Empoleon in Pokkén Tournament

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News

Japanese arcades will soon be seeing another new fighter make their way to Pokkén Tournament. Just in time for winter, it’s the Emperor Pokémon, Empoleon! Officially announced last week, a high quality trailer has now been uploaded by Bandai Namco giving us a look at the Sinnoh starter in full….

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Magearna event now live for Pokémon Sun & Moon

Categories: 3DS, News

UPDATE (12/6): The Magearna event is now also live in Europe and Australia! Players from these regions can download the Pokémon by scanning this QR code below. (Please keep in mind that this code appears to be different than the one for North America.) Owners of Pokémon Sun & Moon…

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