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Koroks – once friendly and lovable little guys from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker – became loathed by many a Breath of the Wild player due to their ubiquity, obscurity, absurd number, and distinctive “yahaha!” cry (which many found annoying). The fellas return in Tears of the Kingdom, but instead of groaning, their return has elicited glee – namely, schadenfreude:



You see, a common new type of Korok in the game is strapped to a backpack and seeking a way to reach their nearby friend. Link is supposed to use his Ultrahand ability on the backpack to attach them to some sort of device that will ferry them to their friend… but players would much rather submit the many hapless creatures to hells of their own devising. And let me tell you, these players are devising a LOT of hells:


Korok Space Program
by u/feel_your_feelings_ in tearsofthekingdom




This is to say nothing of the crucifixions. Dear god, the crucifixions. In part because they’re so easy and simple to form (all you need is three logs or planks) but so laden with blasphemous cruelty (for reasons I hope you don’t need a games journalist to explain) droves upon droves of players have glued Koroks to crosses. Good lord.





As you can guess, this is only a sampling of the sheer agony Tears of the Kingdom players are inflicting upon Koroks. It’s fortunate that the little buggers never die – fortunate for us, that is, so we can continue reveling in their suffering for a long time to come. For them, the fact that they can never perish and escape this mortal coil consigns them to a tormentous existence that the deepest layer of Cocytus could never hope to match. We can’t wait to see what kind of insane Rube Goldberg torture devices we see come out of this one.





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