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Nintendo Japan releases new information on Mario Sports Superstars amiibo support

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: 3DS, Amiibo News, News

Nintendo Japan has released some new tidbits of information on the upcoming Mario Sports SuperStars amiibo cards and how they’ll function within the game. First of all, amiibo characters, or Superstar characters, have higher stats than standard characters. Superstar characters are only available via amiibo cards and cannot be unlocked…

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Mario Sports Superstars details: 90 amiibo cards and their functionality, includes 2 unlockable characters

Author: Lauren Ganos

The Mario Sports Superstars launch is drawing closer and more information about the game and everything coming along with it is getting announced. Just today, in fact, Nintendo of Europe shared new details about the title that we weren’t yet announced. Most excitingly, especially for all you amiibo collectors out…

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